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Come and join us for three days of creativity, alignment, inspiration and motivation. With amazing sessions, session leaders and celebrant colleagues from all over the globe!

What we do

Where awesome celebrants come to thrive

Hey there! We're Claire Bradford and Natasha Johnson from the Celebrants Collective. It's our mission in life to empower celebrants to be their absolute best.

Whether that's by training celebrants for the real world, supporting and nurturing them as they take their first steps, or helping them to grow and shine throughout their celebrant career, we're all in!

Celebrant Education

Celebrants NEVER stop learning. Through our training, courses, webinars, podcasts, e-books and workshops, we make sure that you keep on striving and improving.

Celebrant Development

We help guide you through the various stages of your career. Through the highs and the lows, the good times and the bad, we'll be there as you plan out every step for success.

Celebrant Support

We totally have your back, 100%. Your personal cheerleaders and number one fans. We're here to listen to your worries, applaud your wins and support you all of the way.

How can we help you?

Celebrant Training Courses

You want to be a celebrant, right? Of course you do, it's the best job in the world! Find out more about how we make awesome people into awesome celebrants through our modern and diverse celebrant training, for the new generation of celebrants. Check out our online celebrant training centre.

Celebrant and two male marriers

Celebrant Support & Development

You're already a celebrant, and doing the best job in the world. But now you want support and guidance to step up your A-game and to be the best that you can be. Find out more about our awesome members HQ and how we can empower you to be the best celebrant you can be.

Celebrants Collective Membership

Our members HQ welcomes any celebrant or officiant in the world. We have members from all over Europe, Australia and the USA. Awesome, right? We're open to any celebrant who wants to learn, to do the work and consistently bring their best self to the job, every single day.

Does this sound like you? 

monthly coaching calls

Every month, Claire or Natasha lead group coaching calls for members,  to discuss aspects of their celebrant business and practice.

courses & resources

Our in-house courses , tutorials and resources are regularly updated, so that members can top-up their learning at their leisure.


Members have access to our core value training, enabling them to learn about and ascribe to the values, ethics and standards that we want our members to uphold.


Our monthly webinars, led by experts in their fields, range from a whole host of topics on celebrant business and ceremony practice.

member support group

Support doesn't just come from us, but also from the network of celebrants who belong to the Collective. Peer advice, support and friendship is invaluable.

members directory

Create and manage your public member profile, adding to your digital footprint and helping to get your name out there.


What our members say

Elizabeth Cass-kanti

Wedding Celebrant, Greece

I wouldn't have a celebrant business I believe if it wasn't for the Celebrants Collective. In the beginning, when you are starting out, it's a highly affordable way of access to priceless resources, reams of useful information and, thanks to the many wise and wonderful celebrants in the group, the benefit of very learned and experienced celebrants. All this combined with the never ending support, kindness and know-how. If you are a celebrant and you are not a part of the collective, you are missing out BIG TIME!

Keli tomlin

Wedding Celebrant, UK

The Celebrants Collective has given me the confidence to approach this job as a 'real' business, introducing me to marketing strategies and business planning in a way that feels organic and part of my work, as opposed to an uncomfortable extra. I also have a network of incredibly friendly folks who are so willing to offer advice, support and encouragement and access to a heap of professional development resources that are encouraging me to expand my own knowledge and up the value of the service I offer.

Wedding Celebrant by Moher Cliffs

clara malone

Wedding Celebrant, Ireland

Being a member has been just amazing, and totally surpassed all of my expectations. I have been able to fine tune my processes and also add elements to my website that I was previously struggling with. I am also much more organised and have set manageable and achievable goals due to the support and resources from the Celebrants Collective. 

yvonne beck

Wedding Celebrant, Germany

I love being part of a community that supports Celebrants around Europe and beyond. The Celebrants Collective has always been on point. Natasha freely shares her experience, skills and warm positivity, as well as a balanced and safe environment through the groups. She has been innovative and creative and always finds the right words to explain encourage or assist. 

who we are

Leading the way

Natasha founded the Celebrants Collective in 2017 as a way to unite celebrants under a collective umbrella to learn, thrive and flourish. She's also run her own successful wedding business in beautiful Malaga, Spain since 2007. When she's not mummying and wifing, tending to her dogs or veggie patch, she loves a good Netflix box-set. And she'll probably tell you this herself but she's obsessed with Beyoncé, bows down to Michelle Obama and wants to be best friends with Oprah. Not too much to ask, right?

Powerhouses in our field

Claire is an award-winning celebrant and trainer who gets ridiculously excited about creating rites of passage ceremonies that tell great stories and reflect the people they’re about. As co-director of awesomeness and celebrant training for the Celebrants Collective, she also gets ridiculously excited about training people to do the best job in the world. (Actually, it would be fair to say that Claire has a tendency to get ridiculously excited about all sorts of things, including chocolate, Kung-Fu, 80s pop music and a well-brewed cup of tea, but that’s another story…)
Claire is lucky enough to live by the seaside in sunny Worthing, on the south coast of England, with the gorgeous Team Bradford and their ‘fragrant’ rescue dog, Stanley.

Are you ready to join us?


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What's included

  • Unlimited access to the Learning Lounge, Resource Room & Course Corner
  • Monthly group coaching calls with Claire or Natasha
  • Expert-led webinars from May-Sept
  • Support, guidance and advice for your celebrant business and practice and much more!

More from the Collective

modern celebrant training

Train with us to become an awesome celebrant

Our celebrant training is unique, diverse, modern, inclusive, and informative. Our trainees step out into the celebrant world as confident, skilled and well-supported celebrants. With our ongoing support and development Celebrants Collective celebrants have us by their side for as long as they need us. Helping them to be better, more confident, practising celebrants.

Celebrant biz tips and advice

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Come and join 1000+ subscribers for weekly business and ceremony tips, plus grab our free '5 Secrets For Being A Successful Celebrant,' e-book, when you sign up.

And here's our first tip...

If your busy celebrant business and heaps of admin are making you pull your hair out, it's probably time that you upgraded to a software system that will get your biz back on track in no time. From handling your enquiries, sending out and tracking invoices, booking agreements and contracts, to managing your appointments with clients, and so much more, this system is a gamechanger for celebrants. Claire and Natasha have both used this system for years and simply could not run their busy celebrant businesses without it!

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