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3-day Creative Celebrant workshop 2023


March 20-22nd


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Three days of creative immersion to improve your celebrant practice and performance brought to you by the Celebrants Collective

Did you know that when it comes to being a celebrant, your creativity is at the heart of EVERYTHING you do?

Creativity feeds EVERYTHING. Tapping into your celebrant creativity means:

  • Writing better scripts.
  • Crafting better social media posts.
  • Communicating more effectively with your clients.
  • Marketing yourself more authentically.
  • Delivering better ceremonies.
  • Expanding your writing skills.
  • Deepening your understanding of ceremony creation.
  • Getting creative with the ceremonies that you offer.

If this list has you nodding your head and feeling a real need to boost your basic celebrant skills, to improve the way that you write, vocalize, perform and create ceremony, AND help to improve your communication and marketing style, then read on. 

Come and join us for our AMAZING three-day online event, full of fabulous session leaders and jam-packed with celebrant creativity, education and inspiration.

We've got you covered.

Three packed days of value, education and fun!

I am very happy that I convinced myself to attend this workshop and made time for it. Although I know that coming to CC events is NEVER a waste of time, ever!

Karina gjerpe

2022 workshop attendee

If you are just starting out as a celebrant or have 100 + ceremonies under your belt, this is the event for you. There are nuggets to be found throughout either through the faciliators, the exercises or the networking. I learned so much, some completely new things and some ways to really enhance my ceremonies."

Clara Malone, Coastal Ceremonies

2022 workshop attendee

This will be the best investment in your business you could make this year. You will come away energised and raring to put everything into practice. So different from those courses you take part in that leave you feeling inadequate, with a long list of "should be doings."

Lynn Tierney

2021 workshop attendee

Because creativity is at the heart of what we do as celebrants

The more creative you are as a celebrant, the more confident you are with your practices. The more confident you are with your practices, the more you put yourself out there creatively.

Creativity creates the mother of all knock-on effects.

When you and your creativity are in full alignment, there's literally no stopping you. 

You'll think differently. Write differently. Communicate differently. Market yourself differently. Talk about yourself differently. Express yourself differently.

Tapping into your creativity will open up so many areas of your celebrant business, practice and processes, helping you to be aligned and in harmony with your business.

Are you ready to get your creative juices flowing?

Claire Bradford Celebrants Collective - Celebrant Trainer

What You'll Learn and who you'll learn from over the three days

We've hand-picked our session leaders to bring you the best of their knowledge right to your fingertips.


Claire Bradford


Natasha Johnson

HOst & workshop leader

Veronika Robinson

Author, celebrant & session LEADER

Lonan Jenkins

Celebrant, Storyteller & SESSION LEADER

Lucy Brown


Sophie Colligan


And here's what we'll be teaching and sharing

With these sessions and more, your creative juices are really going to flow.

The Magic and Mystery of Motifs with
veronika robinson

In this practical workshop, Veronika invites you to lift your literary skills by exploring ideas and images in a new way. The ancient art of motif will allow you to accentuate the central theme of your writing.

Crafting Your Celebrant Story 
Lonan jenkins

As celebrants, we are so often focussed on crafting the stories of others, that we may forget to look at our own stories. What is your story as a celebrant? What do you think sets you apart from others? Do you feel this story is accurately communicated to the people you work with? In this session, we will use some storytelling techniques to shape and enhance your own celebrant story, and look at how this can be presented to others.

finding ceremony from the everyday with 
Claire & Natasha 

Following on from our discussions about what ceremony is, in this session Natasha and Claire will get you to look at everyday objects and events through a ceremonial lens. If you can celebrate the ordinary moments, just think of what you can do with the extraordinary ones.


Everyone in this event is a celebrant, but how often do we stop and ask ourselves what is ceremony anyway and what are we doing when we are creating ceremony. In this session, Claire and Natasha will take you you through a journey to discover what ceremony means to you as celebrant and to set a solid foundation for the creative process.

Creative Inspiration from Planning Meeting Moments

Do you find you've got a bit stuck with your ceremony structure? Would you like to encourage your couples or families to take some creative risks? Would you like to step away from relying on questionnaires but feel a bit unsure of how to manage the unexpected in less structured planning meetings? Or would you simply love to share or hear about other celebrants' examples of when they took inspiration from something that showed up unexpectedly in the planning meeting that ended up adding something special to the ceremony?


In this session we are going to watch a professionally recorded video of a real wedding led by Natasha. Recorded from the audience viewpoint, you'll get to see the wedding ceremony from start to finish. We will then deconstruct the ceremony and discuss elements from engagement, communication, choreography, standing positions, microphone use, scripting and ad-libbing, and everything else in between. Although this session is based on a wedding ceremony the themes we'll be discussing can be applied to both wedding and funeral celebrants.

 Grounded and Balanced: how to prepare your mind, body & voice for ceremony with
lucy brown

In this session, Lucy is going to transport you to the hour before your ceremony. Using proven vocal and mindset techniques,  she will help you to get grounded and prepare and warm up your voice, mind and body ready for ceremony. Something us celebrants don't do enough of, but should!

daily Q&As with 
Claire & Natasha 

Inspired by what you've learned and want to discuss it? Or maybe you have a burning question you'd like to ask? This is the place to be. We'll open the floor to you at the end of each day.

FROM DULL TO FABULOUS: Personalising the generic with 
Claire & Natasha 

In this session Natasha and Claire will help you to explore ways in which common ceremony elements you may have seen a hundred times before can be made to feel fresh, relevant and exciting. 

creating ceremony with 
Claire bradford

Having spent some time looking at what ceremony is and different ceremonial elements, Claire is going to let you all loose on a grand group ceremony creating session! So get ready because you'll be co-creating a fabulous closing ceremony for the Creative Celebrant workshop, to celebrate all that we've learnt and all that we are. 

What our awesome attendees said about our previous Creative Celebrant Workshops (click to enlarge)

Check out our event schedule

Excited by all of the sessions on offer? Check out our timetable below for how they'll be featuring over the three days. Awesome? Or Awesome?

MOnday 20th March

9.30-11.00 Workshop welcome & session One: What is ceremony? (Claire and Natasha)

11.00-1130 Coffee/Tea/ Screen Break

11.30-13.00 Session Two: Lonan Jenkins - Crafting your celebrant story

13.00-14.00 LUNCH

14.00-1530 Session Three: Veronika Robinson - The Magic and mystery of motifs

15.30-1600 Coffee/Tea /Screen Break

16.00-17.00 Day wrap-up and Q&A

Times are set to UK time. Times may vary slightly on the day. All sessions are recorded.

day 2
tuesday 21st march

9.30-11.00 Day welcome & session One: Creating ceremony from the everyday (Claire and Natasha)

11.00-1130 Coffee/Tea/ Screen Break

11.30-13.00 Session Two:  Sophie Colligan - Creative inspiration from planning meeting moments

13.00-14.00 LUNCH

1400-1530 Session Three: Deconstructing A Ceremony Performance with Natasha Johnson

15.30-1600 Coffee/Tea /Screen Break

16.00-17.00 Day wrap-up and Q&A

Times are set to UK time. Times may vary slightly on the day. All sessions are recorded.

day 3

9.30-11.00 Day welcome and session One: From dull to fabulous: Personalising the generic (Claire and Natasha)

11.00-1130 Coffee/Tea/ Screen Break

11.30-13.00 Session Two:  Grounded and Balanced: How to prepare your mind body and voice for ceremony with Lucy Brown

13.00-14.00 LUNCH

14.00-15.30 Session Three: Creating ceremony with Claire Bradford

15.30-1600 Coffee/Tea /Screen Break

16.00-17.00- Closing ceremony created by event participants + event wrap up

Times are set to UK time. Times may vary slightly on the day. All sessions are recorded.

Just wanted to say thank you to Claire and Natasha and al the speakers. I haven't been able to  watch much live at all, but already have learnt so much. You have all been so generous with your knowledge and I'm sure we have all taken something away that will help us to be better creators.

Elizabeth-Anne Jenkins

2022 workshop attendee

Thanks so much for the last few days. I've learnt loads and after the last session with Lonan today I've finally made it out of the writers' block that I've been stuck in for weeks. Hopefully the backlog of scripts will write themselves now.

Roxy Hayde

2022 workshop attendee

I would definitely recommend the Creative Celebrant Workshop to both new and existing celebrants. The workshop was fascinating, enriching and inspirational and I came away armed with so much knowledge and new ideas for my celebrancy career. It was worth its weight in gold in terms of stretching my imagination, developing a positive mindset and connecting with other celebrants. It was also a lot of fun!

Celine Gucher

2021 workshop attendee

How does it work?


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Access all recordings for up to 9 months after the event, so you can replay and review.

Our creative sessions are...

  • Fun
  • Interactive
  • Inspirational
  • Motivational
  • Enlightening
  • Engaging

What you’ll get when you sign up:

  • Live Access to a wide range of educational activities: interactive, writing and performance sessions and Q&As over 3 days.
  • Access to all recordings of all workshops and panels for 9 months.
  • A copy of our Creative Celebrant guide and event workbook.
  • Expert knowledge and wisdom from industry leaders.

The celebrant event you won't want to miss!

If you're planning on attending this workshop, block your agenda, make sure you will not be disturbed, and plan a day off afterwards to let all the info and inspiration settle down.

Iris van Noorden

2021 workshop attendee

This event was certainly value for money. The selection of speakers was varied with something for everyone. Even topics that I thought were not going to be of interest to me, turned out to be!

Glenda Procter

2021 workshop attendee

If you're thinking about signing up, go for it! You'll learn a lot about yourself, your style and how to make creative changes to your work.

Lynda Gibson

2021 workshop attendee

I signed up for the Creative Celebrant Workshop to learn new ways to improve our ceremonies and to innovate as celebrants. I can only rave about the Celebrants Collective and its leaders Natasha and Claire, and I had no doubt that the Creative Celebrant Workshop would be inspirational, useful and fun. I wasn't able to attend in person; I went through the video playbacks and really regretted missing them live. The sessions stoke the imagination and creativeness even of a vintage officiant like me. Guest speakers were absolutely fabulous, each an expert in their creative field whether writing, acting, performing imagery… all giving attendees new information, and alternative views for improving our craft. I personally came away with new thoughts on who I am as a celebrant, thanks to Natasha's session on Creating Impact, and I'm implementing new writing techniques that I learned from an extraordinary storytelling session held by Veronika Robinson. If you're a celebrant of any kind, this is a must attend workshop.

Bonnie Marie

2021 workshop attendee

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More awesome feedback from last year's workshop

Who is this event for?

This event is for all celebrants and officiants (funeral, wedding and other) worldwide who pride themselves on being able to give their couples' and families their absolute creative best.

Celebrants who want to create deeply personal experiences for their clients. Who want to amplify their creativity, expand their performance skills and take their ceremony practices to new levels. And those who also want to channel their creativity into other areas of their celebrant business.

Is this you?

This event is for you if you're a new celebrant

Maybe you've not had a chance to write many scripts yet or lead your first ceremonies. This event will help boost your celebrant creativity and improve your vocal, writing and performance confidence. As well as give you confidence to sell and market yourself more confidently too.

This event is for you if you could use a confidence boost

Maybe it's been a while since you properly led a ceremony. Maybe you've never felt 100% confident about how you hold a ceremony space and deliver a ceremony with energy. Well, our workshops will inspire you to take action and boost your ceremony confidence.

This event is for you if you want to improve your creativity

Do your scripts and your writing processes feel a bit samey-samey? Are you often stuck for hours procrastinating over what to say and how to say it? Our workshops have been designed to load you up with inspiration and motivation to help you shake up your ceremony writing and creation process.

Join us for our 3-day 

creativity workshop

Three days of EVERYTHING you need to boost your celebrant creativity. From how you think about writing, to how you actually write, and communicate. An amazing boost for your performance, energy and vocal ability too. We've got you covered.

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