We’re sure your mind is boggling with questions about the Celebrants Collective, the membership programme or even perhaps our annual retreats. Do take a look below for questions and answers which hopefully will provide all that you’re looking for.


I trained with a different organisation, can I still be a member?

Yes, absolutely! The Celebrants Collective works with individual celebrants, regardless of where they trained.  We help celebrants to develop their role as a celebrant and improve their celebrant and business practices. We have members who are Humanists, Pagan-orientated, of faith and all other types of celebrants onboard, from all over the world.

Do you train celebrants?

Yes, we do! Check out our training website here, for more information about our training courses.

How does membership work?

Once you’ve familiarised yourself with all our  membership benefits, you can sign up for instant membership. Our annual membership is 160 Euros a year, which is just 15 Euros a month, paid in a one-off payment or monthly.

Once you’re all signed up you will be sent your login information and will be able to access your private account dashboard. From here, you’ll be able to engage with the learning materials and features in the Learning Lounge, Course Corner and Resources Room. You’ll also be sent a link to our private Facebook group, where you'll get to meet most of our other members who help to make up our awesome community. From your account dashboard you're also be able to create and edit your member's profile, find out when our coaching calls and webinars are, download your members badge and lots more useful member benefits.

Where is the Celebrants Collective based?

Whilst the Celebrants Collective HQ is based in Europe and our outlook is euro-centric, as is our language and scheduling times of our live sessions, we welcome anyone who wants to sign-up, learn alongside us and be part of our community.

What do I get with my membership?

Your membership includes access to your private account where you can access our Resource Room (e-books, worksheets and guides), Learning Lounge (recorded webinars and video tutorials) and our Course Corner (our in-house courses). Plus every month we have group coaching calls and live expert-led webinars. Not to mention our supportive private FB group with other members and our members directory. All for just 10 Euros a month. Not bad, eh?

Can I cancel my membership?

Absolutely! Whilst we’d be extremely sorry to see you go, you can cancel your membership at anytime from within your members account. Refunds are not given, however. Cancelling your membership will have an immediate effect, but you’ll be able to use your account up until when you’ve paid for. Once cancellation takes effect, it will also remove your membership details from the system and your celebrant profile from the members directory.

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